Infrastrutture e trasporti

Athens Infrastructures

Athens is a modern dynamic and cosmopolitan metropolis, where people work during the day and have lots of fun at night! Therefore everything must be efficient and up to date, as required by the inhabitants themselves. The Athenians are very demanding and critical of their own city from which they want everything, from a convenient transport system to a wide shopping variety, from great business opportunities to fashionable and wild entertainment!

Although the Athenians are very fond of using their own cars, the great local public transport revolution of recent years is gradually changing their minds. Not only has there been a total renewal of the bus, metro and tram systems, but many kilometres of preferential lanes have been built along with tens of kilometres of new lines (tram, metro, and urban rail) for rail transport as a result of its great success. Athens houses more than half of the Greek population, nearly all the economy of the country, all the business and all the important cultural and sports events. This is why there are so many infrastructures which are often advanced even for the high European standards. Let's get to know them better!