The Modern Athens

Athens is renowned all over the world for its millenary history, for spreading art, culture, science and philosophy throughout, thus being the cradle of modern western civilisation. Today, like 3000 years ago, Athens can claim its role of great cultural centre by hosting an increasing number of contemporary artists, researching new aesthetic trends, defending its past and at the same time ambitiously planning its future.

It is a dynamic city, rich in culture and technological innovations. Its eagerness for renovation however, still links it inevitably to its glorious past. The modern architecture is daring, yet it has a strong classical influence, the postindustrial areas are filling up with theatres, art galleries and nightlife.

21st century Athens can once again welcome its Olympic games with avant-garde infrastructures, a new town plan, a new airport, a new underground system and new monuments and museums.

Modern Athens is continuously evolving: it is able to recognise the merits of its past and can also look ahead and renew itself, keeping young and lively. It's as if the silent river Eridanos, flowing under the city were able to release a special lymph, giving it eternal youth.