Katehaki Bridge by Santiago Kalatrava

The Katehaki Pedestrian Bridge by Santiago Kalatrava

For the 2004 Olympic games, the famous architect Santiago Calatrava has donated a wide assortment of his work which encompasses his genius: the impressive cover of the Olympic stadium and of the velodrome and the beautiful renovation of the OAKA (Athens Olympic park). And this is not all. The firm that runs the Athenian metro (Attik metro), also commissioned Calatrava to build the 50th bridge of his great career.

The bridge was inspired by ancient Greece and by the glorious Athenian vessels. It has been built close to the metro station with the same name (line 3) . It is a pedestrian bridge which makes it easier for the underground users to cross Mesogion Avenue as Katehaki station is the only one in the Athens that doesn't have exits on both sides of the road, because there was already an underpass which prevented another exit from being built.

The bridge is made of steel and is formed by a main curved pillar 50 metres high, from which 14 thick steel cables hang down to sustain the 94 metre walkway, suspended over the avenue.